Compare Britannia Vs Parle

dominated the two food majors of India in the field of biscuits and bakery products. fighting it out in market for the share of consumers pocket and market dominance .

In yester years it was market segments which both have dominated and not much was seen to disturb that arrangement.

Parle with its Parle G , Kraxkjack and manaco where as Britannia has Good day , Marie gold,  Creams Britannia dominated the premium segment of biscuits where as parle dominated the mass ,low premium biscuits ,things were pretty predictable but for theentry of new players have changed that status .

History Of Britannia


The company was established in 1891, with an investment of Initially, biscuits were manufactured in a small house in central Kolkata.

The enterprise was acquired by the Gupta brothers mainly Nalin Chandra Gupta, a renowned attorney, and operated under V.K Brothers.

In 1918, C.H. Holmes, an English businessman in Kolkata, was taken on as a partner and The Britannia Biscuit Company Limited (BBCo) was launched.

History Of Parle


Parle Products company was founded in 1929 in British India. It was owned by the Chauhan family of Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Parle began manufacturing biscuits in 1939. In 1947, when India became independent, the company launched an ad campaign, showcasing its Gluco biscuits as an Indian alternative to the British biscuits

Compare Between Britannia Vs Parle

parle-g                              britannia-marie-gold

    • Entry of new players have changed that status . Now that ITC and Priya gold are trying to break into their market and have established them selves as important players in biscuit market .
    • These two major biscuit producers has are now forced to innovate products by the consumers to create brands which could be differentiated .
    • Both are trusted brand are ranked in top brands for biscuit ,both have a long history of brands .
    • The Major difference though is that where Britannia is revenues from bakery products is around 90 % ,share of biscuit sales is around –80% for parle.
      Recently two categories has seen major ad war are bourbon and salty snacks .
    • Parle has come up with new bourbon under its hide and seek umbrella brand .
    • Pitching against Britannia s popular bourbon which has 70% market share of the bourbon biscuits .
    • Parle upped its TV ads by roping in Hritik roshan . Similarly Parle has re jigged its Krack Jack biscuits to Britannia’s 50- 50 eating up its market share .
  • Krack Jacks with new packaging and TV ads of Krack and Jack promoting the brands . It would be interesting to see what impacts these would have on the sales of these two biscuits .

For Business

Description                                      Britannia                                                Parle

Established                                         1891                                                           1929

Nature of business                           Public ltd                                                Family run

No of manufacturing units            5 own ,40CMU                                    8 own units ,  60 CMU

Market share ( value)                          32.80%                                                    32.94%

Ads Major methods                        Cricket events and players        Celebrities endorse ment

New areas of promotion                 Environment                                Health and wellness

Important Brands Pitched Against Each Other

Category                               Britannia                                                     Parle

Glucose                                 Tiger                                                            Parle G

Marie                                     Marie Gold                                                  Parle Marie

Salty snacks                          50-50                                                          Krack Jack

Bourbon                                 Bourbon                                                     Hide N seek

Cream                                   Cream Treat                                                 Kreams

Cookie                                   Good Day                                                    20-20

 Milk                                       Milk Bikis                                                    Milk sakhti

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